17 de abril de 2010

from Richard Yates' Revolutionary Road

from Richard Yates' Revolutionary Road:

“You felt that life was passing you by?”

“Sort of. I still had this idea that there was a whole world of marvelous golden people somewhere, as far ahead of me as the seniors at school when I was in sixth grade; people who knew everything instinctively, who made their lives work out the way they wanted without even trying, who never had to make the best of a bad job because it never occurred to them to do anything less than perfectly the first time. Sort of heroic super-people, all of them beautiful and witty and calm and kind, and I always imagined that when I did find them I’d suddenly know that I belonged among them, that I was one of them, that I’d been meant to be one of them all along, and everything in meantime had been a mistake; and they’d know it too. I’d be like the ugly duckling among the swans.”

“I think I know that feeling,” he said.

“I doubt it.” She didn’t look at him, and the little lines had appeared again around her mouth. “At least I hope you don’t, for your sake. It’s a thing I wouldn’t wish on anybody. It’s the most stupid, ruinous kind of self-deception there is, and it gets you into nothing but trouble.”"

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Leleca disse...

eu não li porque tá em inglês, e, você sabe, eu tenho preguiça.

mas tem um anúncio sobre "concerto de aquecedores" ali em cima. assim, com "c" mesmo. será que eles tocam bonitinho?

nathalia disse...

Amazing!!!!! Que mais pessoas leiam isso e decidam se inspirar no bendito fato de cagando e andando!